Periapt Studio (formerly named Tahlee & Bench) is an Australian jewellery label designed and handcrafted by self-taught silversmith Tahlee Hohmann in her Gold Coast studio.

With a passion for gemstones and a love for art and design, Tahlee focuses on creating fine, dainty pieces that are encrusted in gemstones sourced from all over the world.

After walking into a small family owned jewellery store in Oaxaca City Mexico, Tahlee was immediately drawn to the jewellery and the organic and native style of pieces that were scattered across the store. To this day she still wears an Emerald silver ring on her right hand.

“ This is when I realised what kind of impact one can have when you create a piece that lasts a lifetime, the kind of pieces that take you back to the place you bought them time and time again. The kind of pieces that remind you of a moment, a time, a person, an achievement or maybe they are just a reminder of who you were at that time.’

The genuine warmth and youthful spirit that Tahlee emulates when talking about her craft can be seen through her expression of jewellery design and creation. Tahlee aims to create a style of jewellery that can be worn by all women who wish to be reminded of who they are, and to create pieces that deserve to be passed on.